Posts reviews Midnight Oil -Webster Hall-5.14.17 Sold Out!

Midnight Oil -Webster Hall-5.14.17  Sold Out! Performance Review
Peter Garrett and the band Midnight Oil were amazing. Peter served as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation for ten years and, in 2003, was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the environment and music industry. Midnight Oil rocked the house down with a speech or point of view by Peter stating"the rich could pay their fair share for the USA medical system. If works in Australia, then it could work in the USA."

Midnight Oil played their previous songs and new ones as well.
Here are a few that I recall.
Beds Are Burning
 Blue Sky Mine
Put Down That Weapon
The Dead Heart
This was my first Mid-Night Oil concert and I look forward
to see the band when they return to the USA in the summer.
Who knows when I am on the road maybe I will see them as well.

Check their Video.below .Midnight Oil -A band that makes a differ…

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